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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. CAN I GET CUSTOM TRAINING FOR MY ORGANIZATION? Yes! Simply contact us and let us know the details of who would be receiving the training and what topic you would like addressed. We’ll follow up with more details.

  1. HOW DO I CANCEL OF TRANSFER MY CLASSES? As we transition to our new Training Portal you are not able to self cancel or transfer classes on your own. Email with your request.

  1. HOW MUCH NOTICE IS REQUIRED TO CANCEL MY ATTENDANCE IN AN UPCOMING CLASS? Magnet Forensics understands the nature of your work and constantly changing commitments. We request that you please cancel 30 days prior to the class start date allowing us to accommodate waitlists. If you are unable to attend, Email

  1. WHERE DO I FIND MY REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND DETAIL ABOUT MY UPCOMING CLASS? Log in to your training portal account to find all the details on your upcoming courses.

  1. HOW DO I CHANGE MY SHIPPING ADDRESS? Confirm the shipping address that we have on file under “My Profile” in your training portal account. If you need to change your address, email

  1. I AM TRYING TO RESET MY PASSWORD BUT I AM NOT RECEIVING AN EMAIL. This normally means that you have not activated your account in the training portal. To activate your account, please request that your activation email be resent.

  1. WHAT TIME ZONES ARE THE CLASSES HOSTED? Magnet Forensics Training is hosted in a variety of time zones. Classes are normally held in Central Standard time, Greenwich Mean Time and Australian Eastern Standard time and times are adjusted for daylight savings time.

  1. WHAT LANGUAGES ARE CLASSES HELD IN? We currently hold classes in English and German. The German language classes will be marked “Presented in German” on the training listing.


  1. ARE ALL COURSES AVAILABLE WITH TAP? Yes. If you’ve purchased a TAP, you can take any course, any time, no matter if it’s in-person, online, or online self-paced.

  1. HOW LONG IS MY TAP GOOD FOR? Your TAP is valid for 12 months and will expire on the last day of the month one year from the date purchased.

  1. HOW DO I FIND OUT WHEN MY TAP EXPIRES? Your will need to contract the training department to confirm the expiry date of your TAP. Email

  1. IF I PURCHASE A TAP, WHO CAN USE IT? IS MY TAP TRANSFERABLE? TAP was designed to be issued and used by only the individual that it has been assigned to. A TAP is non-transferable unless approved by Magnet Forensics in writing.

  1. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I CANNOT USE MY TAP? OR IT DOESN’T WORK? Check to confirm that you have activated your training portal account and you are using the correct login, otherwise email

    • Please use the email address for both the Bill To and Ship To fields of the registration
    • Try using a browser other than Chrome
    • Clear your cache

  1. CANNOT ENROLL YOURSELF To be able to access the online self-paced classes, you will first need to enroll for them in the Training Management System portal that can be found at this link: This portal contains our full catalog of courses that include our Classroom Instructor Led, Virtual Instructor Led, Online Self-Paced and Certification exams. This system will contain the history for all the courses you complete with Magnet Forensics. Once the registration is completed, there is about a 15 minute delay and then the course will be available to you in our Learning Management System here:

  1. WHY DO I GET AN ERROR 404? The Error 404 is happening because the TAP Pass is being selected as a course, but it has already been applied to your training portal account. To enroll for classes using the TAP Pass, one of the courses below will first need to be selected:


  1. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY CLASS CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION? Certificate of Completion for all classes will be emailed one hour after the class has been completed.

  1. WHAT DO I DO WHEN I NEED CHANGES TO MY CERTIFICATES? We apologize for any errors on your certificate. Email with all corrections.

  1. HOW CAN I ACCESS A CERTIFICATE FROM A PREVIOUS CLASS? All certificates from classes previously attended can be found in the training portal. Please log in to your account to download your certificate.

  1. WHEN AND HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY MCFE CERTIFICATION? A hard copy of your MCFE certificate will be mailed to your address on file and you will also receive a digital copy of the certificate via email.


  1. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE OSP CLASSES? After completing your registration, you will have access to the OSP course for 30 days.

  1. I AM NOT ABLE TO DOWNLOAD OSP FILES AND THEY ARE CORRUPT? Each file needs to be downloaded individually, it you receive an error message, please download the file again.

  1. SOMETHING IMPEDING AXIOM FROM IDENTIFYING THAT IT’S BITLOCKER ENCRYPTED? To fix this issue please turn on the Passware Encryption feature in the AXIOM Process Settings.

  1. WHERE DO I FIND THE PASSWORD FOR MY OSP COURSE? The password for the evidence files is in the Getting Started course instructions.

  1. HOW DO I ACCESS MY OSP COURSES? Once you register to the course, you will receive an email directly from Moodle with your username and a link to create your password. Please expect an approximately 30-minute delay. If you already have a Moodle account, then log in in with your previous information.

  1. WHAT DO I DO WHEN I SEE “LOCATE SOURCE” IN AXIOM EXAMINE AND I AM UNABLE TO VIE THE REGISTRY OR FILE SYSTEM IN MY CASE FILE? In AXIOM, when your case file gets disconnected from your evidence file you will see a locate source option. This can happen when a case file is processed on one computer and is no longer stored in the same path as it was on the machine it was processed on. The easiest way to fix this issue is to change the explorer to the File System Explorer. When you are in the file system explorer select each of the items of evidence and look in the TEXT AND HEX card for the following link “LOCATE SOURCE”. Once you have selected the LOCATE SOURCE option it will open a file explorer window where you can browse to the evidence file it is looking for (in the image above Dashner Win10 PC.E01). Assuming you have also downloaded the evidence files, you can then point to that evidence file wherever you downloaded it to. Once the link has been restored you will then see the TEXT and HEX card as well as the registry contents populate as expected. You can see the path and filename currently being looked for and all you have to do is make note of the evidence file it is looking for and then choose the LOCATE SOURCE hyperlink.

  1. JUST SIGNED UP OF AN OSP COURSE BUT CANOT ACCESS CLASS Once the registration is completed, there is about a 15 minute delay and then the course will be available to you in our Learning Management System here:


  1. WHAT CLASSES OFFER CPE CREDITS? All Virtual Instructor-Led and Classroom Instructor-Led classes are eligible to earn up to 32 CPE credits per class. CPE credits are not available on Online Self Paced courses.

  1. WHAT IS REQUIRED TO RECEIVE THE FULL CPE CREDITS? One CPE credit is issued for every 50 minutes of instruction. You must be present in class to receive full class credits. CPE credits will be deducted for time not attended.

  1. ARE CPE CREDITS AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE SELF-PACED COURSES? No, at this time we do not offer CPE credits on any of our Online Self-Paced courses. Magnet Forensics does not have sponsorship of these types of course through the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).


    • AX200 AXIOM Examinations or NCFI BCERT is the prerequisite for the MCFE Certification
    • DV200 Digital Video Examination is the prerequisite for the MCVE Certification
    • AX320 Internet & Cloud Investigations is the prerequisite for the MCCE Certification
    • AX350 macOS Examinations is the prerequisite for the MCME Certification

  1. WHAT IF I DO NOT HAVE THESE PREREQUISITE CLASSES BUT HAVE USED MAGNET PRODUCTS FOR YEARS? We require students to attend the prerequisite courses and adhere to this our policy to maintain the integrity of our program.

  1. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION? After completing your registration, you will have access to the examination for 30 days.

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